This is automatic glove making machine for HDPE material. 2 rolls feed and make 1 pair glove at one time.Which is using widely in fast food shops, beauty shops,hospital, sanitary protection, petrol station etc. It is a good way to avoid dirty or virus.

This is automatic glove making machine running with TPU material,which is folded after producting. Because of its elastic,it is instead of nitrile gloves or latex gloves,though disposable type, easy to change at lower cost.


What’s the differences between these 2 glove making machines?


HDPE glove making machine,applying sleeve film to work,it is ok to load 2 film rolls to cut.

TPU film is single layer when it is extruding,like the stretch film.It needs to be folded first then put on glove making machine to make one piece glove,which is flat and tight sealing at 160pcs/min. Of course,some one use 2 rolls single layer TPE film to feed and make 1 piece glove,too.It is ok to work at 140pcs/min.If you need higher capacity, buying a folding machine to help.



HDPE glove making machine thickness is bigger than TPU film,it is easy to feed by step motor or servo motor (option) under 1 traction.

TPU film is sensitive and high requirement on tension that we design 2 tractions to feed under non-tension situation. 



Because of materials’ different features,we customized the glove molds for HDPE,TPU,CPE and LDPE. which helps glove forming clearly and sealing tightly at high speed.

Welcome to let me know if you have any idea on these machines. We can “grow up” faster with different voice!