Project Description

Main Technical Parameters
Model CIS6-1200
Suitable Material PE   PP   BOPP  NON WOVEN
Film Thickness(mm) 0.015-0.1MM
NO. Of printing color 6color
Max Film Width(mm) 1200mm
Max Print Width(mm) 1150mm
Printing length (repeat ) 300-1000mm
Max. Mechanical speed 150m/min
Max. Printing speed 30-140m/min(Actual speed depend on print material, plate, ink etc.)
Register precision Longitude:±0.1mmTransverse:±0.1mm
Master motor power 5.5kw   Siemens
The frequency converter 5.5KW , Delta
Machine power 45kw
Cover Dimensions (m) 6.2 × 320× 2.6m(L*W*H)
Weight 7800KG
Voltage 380V, 50HZ, 3PHASE
Unwnding unit
Unwind way Auto tension with 10kg magnetic brake
Tension system 1set
EPC system: 1set
Unwind diameter: 1200mm
Material weight 300KG
Unwind material holder 3” air shaft
Unwind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Printing Unit
Anilox roll Single doctor blade  6PCS(chamber doctor blade option)
Inking Running Ink motor separate  6PCS
Print plate lift system Auto pneumatic type forward or backward parallel
Press power mechanically
Adjusting way of Register Manual (motorized option)
Drying unit
Drying model IR drying
Air blower (big) 1.5KW  2PCS
Air blower (small) Dependent closed type drying zone  2PCS
Drying power 32 kw
Dual zones for air circle
Separate zone for color units and long zone in the top
ReWinding Unit
Rewinding way Separate motor with magnetic clutch
Tension system Auto tension
Rewinding diameter: 1200mm
Material weight 300KG
Rewind material holder Air shaft
Rewind web cylinder Φ76mm (inner diameter)
Rewinding motor 1.5KW with reducer
Inverter 1.5KW Delta
Electrical Appliances
Button Schneider
Switches Schneider
Contacts Schneider
Air switches Schneider
Breaker Schneider
Relays Schneider
PLC  Delta

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