Project Description

This machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of paper, self-adhesive, paper plastic composite, film, OPP, PVC, pearlescent film, film composite, color printing composite, non-woven fabric and other large drum packaging materials. The machine adopts servo motor to control fixed length cutting. The transmission system adopts centralized control of pneumatic and photoelectric sensors. The machine integrates light, electricity and gas. It has the advantages of simple operation, high cutting precision, mechanical stability and low noise. (optional for pneumatic feeding) motor frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting, alarm and shutdown, and automatic tension adjustment of magnetic particle taper. At present, it is an ideal equipment for high quality large coil cutting in China

Model HQJ-1100
Maximum unwind diameter 1400mm
Maximum cutting width 1100mm
Cutting length 20-1500mm
Speed 20-150times/
Precision ±0.2mm
Total power 7kw
Machine weight 1800kg
dimension(L*W*H) 4900*2100*1500mm