1. Popcorn is so delicious that became popular in snacks list,no matter movie theaters, fast food restaurants, camping park, etc. It conquered the people by the sweet taste and crunchy taste. How to have popcorn when you home or friends together? Micro-wave POPCORN is the best choice!

popcorn bag

2. Now oven is too common in each house,it is time to use to enlarge our happiness by sweet! When i enjoy the popcorn,there is one question in my mind: how do the micro-wave popcorn bags made? So i start to do a search to reviewing the production.


3. We saw micro-wave popcorn bags usually,but why this paper bag works,not aluminum or plastic bags? Everyone knows microwave oven refuses plastic bags,so plastic bags “NO!”. Aluminum cost is high,also it is hard to form the bag shape and broken easily when press. So, Paper bags become the winner!

4. Do you know there are 3 layers in the micro-wave bags? Not all of paper can do micro-wave bags.2 layers paper sheets at 35-40g,there is one special sheet in the middle of paper in order to adsorb enough temperature and avoid burning.

I collect all relatived machines’ video to show how microwave bag made.Let’s go to see the video link https://youtu.be/YnOSPi6kABo .

Totally, there are flexo printing machine, film sheet pasting machine, laminating machine and popcorn bag making machine. After corn granules packed, Sealing machine needed.