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Film extruding machine’s function is film blowing. It produces HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE film, no matter single rewind or double rewind. But, we can combine flexo printing machine, gravure printing machine online with extruder.
At this moment, some friends must complain: why not flexo printing machine doesn’t work with cutting machine?


The answers below:
Film blowing machine is working continuously ,not like bag making machine or cutting machine which needs gap.It works synchronously with printing machine,by dancing bar easily and flexible, which adjust the tension.
-Corona treater installs in film blowing machine,which enable enough power at enough time.So the ink can stay for long long time.
-Why customers choose flexo printing machine major now?Comprised to gravure printing machine,flexo machine volume is small,plate and printing cylinder cost much lower. If you want to print a very high precision image on plastic film, ready for potential cost,rotogravure printing machine is still a good choice to go.



Hope you get all points , have a good idea in mind if you want to extend machine function now!
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