Because of medical face mask’s shortage , making a DIY face mask has become the top stay-home activity during the novel coronavirus outbreak – whether it’s for your own personal use or to donate to healthcare facilities.It is necessary to wear the face mask when you go out in public at any time.Medical face masks are running dangerously low due to the rapid increase of COVID-19 cases filling up hospitals and the fact that many consumers purchased personal protective equipment (PPE) to keep at home.

The PPE supply has become such a crisis that hospital workers are turning to social media to ask for hand-sewn surgical masks. Facebook groups, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts are popping up with crafters banding together to figure out how to make homemade masks and get them in the hands of healthcare professionals.

There are topics like ” how to make a face mask by sewing machine ” or ” DIY mask without a sewing machine” “Manual face mask done by hand “,etc. But,did you pay an attention to the mask materials ? Why there are surgical mask and society mask? What’s the main material works for avoid virus?Why N95 or KN95 mask priority?

Normally 3ply mask is made of 1 layer non woven + melt blown fabric+ skin-friendly non woven.N95 and KN95 mask has 2 layers melt blown fabric inside. What is melt blown fabric?

According to an academic paper by Edmir Silva, the meltblown process “directly transforms polymer resins to a nonwoven fabric in a single, integrated process.” The output of the meltblown process is a microfiber with diameters ranging from as little as 0.1 micron to as large as 15 microns.

 Meltblown applications include surgical face masks, liquid filtration, gas filtration, cartridge filters, clean room filters and more.It is base material for medical mask or civil-mask.

Let’s make helpful-popular-DIY mask,wish come over coronavitus and come back to normal life soon!