Today,I met a friend requests a washing shop for cleaning ceramic rollers.He said printing quality is poor.See the printed sample attached.

this is printed by flexo printing machine,used for bopp tape

Really,it is not a good sample,blurry and not clean.He complains on ceramic rollers,it must be the key for the poor.
Do you have sample problems make you headaches?

We all know printing machine,no matter flexo printing machine or gravure printing machine, equipment quality is important,but operating is required necessarily. I list the improvements to my friends as follow:
-We can see the ink is out of plate line,it means the pressure on plate and cylinders are too big to keep original ink transferring. Adjust the pressure lightly to print then speed to a steady running.
-the ink is thick and stick together,better use some solvent to dilute in order to make color better.
-In someone’s mind,ceramic roller is clean because they washed after printing.But you know,there are hundreds and thousands dots in the rollers which can not see by eyes.The sediment consist of dust or color elements will stay inside which can not remove by water flowing.This is why ultrasonic cleaning machine is more and more popular in the printing field now!

Ultrasonic cleaning machine,immerse the anilox roller in the liquid,working by ultrasonic wave to strike the dirty in small dots in order to wash completely.

Hope this article could solve and bring good idea to my friends!
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