In packaging field,there are many labels made by different materials,like PET,PVC,PE,etc. Different materials need different methods to make into sleeve type.Because they are printed on single layer,tube roll is workdable.

For expample,normally PVC label roll prints in rotogravure printing machine,it is shrinkable that long distance is better to help ink dry.Then apply chemical glue to be seaming.  For PE label roll, like the bottle label below,it is folded to heat seal then rewinding in tube roll.

Today,let’s talk about how to make PE label forming.

There are different calls for this forming,”heat sealing”, ” side sealing”,”folding sealing” etc, base on different cultural and translations. But,same function for one machine,which folding  single layer PE film which is printed into tube roll.

Also there is the running video to show PE film Folding and Side sealing machine  Help to understand better!

Maybe some customers gave feedback that the film is not flat or even after hot-sealing. In fact, this mainly depends on the operator’s familiarity with the machine, as well as the temperature controlling and speed cooperation. If the temperature is too high and the speed is slow, the PE film is easy to fuse, so there will be some agglomeration; but if the speed is too fast and the temperature is not enough, the film will not be sealed. A machine is a machine. If worked by operator’s skilled technology, I believe the product quality and output will be greatly improved!

Let me know If you get any ideas here.So we can discuss or I share other machines information more,like seaming machine , gusseting machine,bag making machine,printing machine,etc.

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