#BIG DRUM flexo printing machine picture

One of customers says:I want a printing machine to print the paper roll at low price with good printing!

“Which #good printing do you mean?” the printing design is consist of ink, anilox roller,resin plate,whole machine driving system, machine steadily and so on. “One cent one value” ,all of the money spend on valuable.So there are many levels of prices, surely printing machine quality accordingly.

  • For plate,Anilox roller,both of them have different lpi(line per inch).You can show your design to plate offer to point how many lpi need and which Anilox roller need,too. Of course,our printing machine company can recommend and advise!
  • in the market, 2 kinds of ink: water based and solvent. Commonly,solvent ink is better for plastic film roll,which printing quality is solid and color is more bright. But disadvantaged in the smelling and formula.Some companies is under improving good for environment. For paper roll,water based ink are hot because of its high performance and harmless. Specially in food field,mainly is water-based ink.
  • For machine, for example,I work for #flexo printing machine which has 4 levels now: straight gears driving / helical gears / timing belt / Big drum.Different design,different speed and different prices!

In all,choose a printing machine base on your products to work properly,including ink,Anilox roller,plate,you will reach best printing quality at economic investment !